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I have grown numb

To words of insult I am dumb

Not because I don’t know how

But because I might take a vow

To scatter their lives and make them realise

How I felt; with them poisoning my paradise


I want no ignorance or hate

Just your attention not too late

Someone who points me right and wrong

Friends(s) a few I can remember for long

My list is short I know them four

Can I ask for more?


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I have no voice to speak

Shelter I know not where to seek

I find love soothing

But I have something missing


When I look into the mirror

I see a life not secure

People that bring me sorrow

How I whish I was not alive tomorrow


A child with hate

He ruins his fate


I stand there with no voice to speak

I begg for shelter, none I get from where I seek

A world of love I find soothing

But in my family I am missing


Crumbled I look into the mirror

I see my past and a future not secure

Smiling to people that bring me sorrow

I hope death and destruction shall end tomorrow


I see that child with hate

I hope he don’t realise too late

A part of his life he lost

To the devil he hates the most


A voice too weak to speak   I have!

A shelter nowhere to seek I saw!

A love with hate                 I felt!

A hole in me to fill              I know!

Someone’s watching over me! 

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A love so flawless

A love so flawless

Even Dan Brown would care less

To publish

A book on the things I do

For being so perfect when I see you

What would cupid say?

If he saw u this way?

Your love so flawless

I can’t ask you ask u for nothing more

Will you meet me on the dance floor?

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The sun was bright
The sky as beautiful as ever,
She stood upon the same rock,
Her beautiful dress flapping in the wind

Her  eyes fixed towards the same direction
Waiting for someone she bid goodbye
The rain not stopping her from seeking
The lost love that keeps her going

Memories she dreaded to remember
She saw no torture more cruel
The first day they met
The first smile they passed

The days they lived 
Every night so loved
Two souls welded with love
Storms lurking behind, ready to pounce

The food scarce the darkness spread
Hunger engulfing them the souls parted
Cruel words ripped them apart – nothing
No love could hold them together then

Blood staining their rosy flesh
The souls ripped themselves free
Two individuals born to be two worlds apart
Themselves separated, going two roads untrodden

The dust settling, she realizes love again
A hope sparked in his heart, he makes haste
With heavy regret she returned,
Waiting for her love

Unto the storm he plunges himself
Fighting valiantly to see his love
A spear unknown piercing his heart
He pledges “my queen, my love”

Her heart bursts; at last the wait is over 
She utters “unto thy hands I come, my love”
They find themselves in a world
Inseparable, loving each other eternally.

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She looked at the mirror, it was the same face, but beneath it was a contrasting picture. More tensed than ever, the mirror reflected a face that had lost a step and carried a burden. Caught for a moment, she still stood there, as if waiting for the mirror to crack and redeem her from the secrets that burned her from within.

She was not a killer, she was like any other girl; born into a good family, blessed with talents. She was still young – really young. In fact she was too young. Her parents were rich; she lived the life of a princess. But the mirror haven’t still changed its reflection – the same tensed, broken face.

Nothing had changed in the past few years, expect that her father and mother both lost their earnings and had started a venture of their own, at a comfortable pace with ensured income .In short, she lived her life as a princess. But something went wrong and she lost control of herself.
The barriers that she build around her disappeared, she was lost in a storm. She was theirs to consume. And she let them; not out of compulsion, the storm of events suddenly unfolded in her mind. It was torture to see what she did again and again. Alas, the values she fought for, the virtues she stood for are all lost. But to say it outside was a crime. The mirror cracked and she looked away. She renewed her strength. Her new virtues and values loomed in front of her. The girl she was was dead. Buried deep within her. “Once you get lost, then there’s no turning back; I shall thread my way from hell to hell, that way I can convince myself a worthwhile life” she make believe herself – broken, mad and lost

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High School

You always learn something from high school. Nobody comes out without with out a bright future at hand. But then again, we keep missing a vital ingredient in our life – ( no it’s not our childhood sweethearts ) our friends that stood up for us. Yea we keep in touch, but will it be the same? Tuitions, school, outings, weekends? can it ever be the same? The same jokes, the same classrooms, the same thrill of learning something new at school?

When we go back someday, we can hear the walls eco our emotions. Though mute and concrete, they show us our life at school. The time when our teachers “abused” us; when we “walked the ramp” with our B’Day outfits, children applauding us when we won a competition. These memories brings tears to our eyes. Our high school like our home, welcomes us and like a child we stride down the aisle, while memory after memory keeps screening itself in our minds, we walk on, the walls clapping and cheering us, taking still photos of us – the same children that have come to pay homage, to an old building that had once nourished us, the very same building that we used to  hate.

Yes, high school etched into us a proper soul and mind, the same kind slot after by the rich and bold. What you make of yourself is by a small extent (at least) determined by the virtues and experiences molded unto you at high school.      

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