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First day at work !!!!!

Today of all days I am sitting in a chair and actually wondering if I fit in!!!!!!!!

Not that there’s something wrong in a chair, it’s just that I’m not so sure that I have what it takes to win the trust and my part in the position of front desk coordinator. I whish I was in here for a real job. This is utterly boring I could have taken my book and started to read. Gosh!!! this is too much to bear; not even my talents are exposed here. No one even bothers to claim that I exist in this office not even in their minds. Let alone reality!!!

The next time though I’m bringing my USB, my story book (I know it sounds lame)

But I have no other way to kill time, atleast at home I could snugg up in my chair or bed and pretend there’s always an adventurous tomorrow!!! ( yea right like that’s gonna happen ) that reminds me, I can’t believe this is actually happening !!!! I thought I would stay at home for the rest of my life!!!! Thank god that there’s a god up above!!! Else I would have been doomed!! For life right now, life don suck but you never know, so I’m thankful!

It’s 9: 40 now and I sat in this chair for like 25 min an I’m already feeling home sick!!!!!

Ok that was Brenda she just called me to say a “ OMG is this realy true ???” yupp!!!!!! I still am wondering if this is reality or if I am still dreaming, Oh well make the best of what you got……


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