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Tomorrow as the day looms in front of me , I see my destiny unfolding. It would either mean honor or dishonor; for more than anything, I know I will fail to not be so, then there should be some miracle. Hence I should consume something to outshine god, my fate itself, for even I am ashamed to stand in front of him with a failure at hand. Because this would be equal to deceiving someone who loves and trusts me unconditionally, which I cannot bring myself to. But what can I do? I have no fate in the world of success, I cannot surely outshine giants can I? Essentially I should turn away from what is not mine to take. But this I cannot do, for I would mock the gifts that have been imparted unto me. Then alas I have but one way that is too much, but a little worthwhile – Stand my ground and face being mocked about by people around me. I can stand being mocked about, but what about my loved ones. They expect me to cross the doorway and breakaway. Demented in this life, all I can hope for is to be better off the next time.

But who still would ease the pain I inflict?

       Who still would forgive my mockery, Surely

I shall receive atonement or perhaps ……. not?


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They come and go but they never stay alive for long. We recollect them sometime but they’ll never seem to be the same ; we keep forgetting a part of it. Some of us remember because we have to, some of us remember because we want to, others still because it brings them a smile\tear to their faces. For some of us memories are the only friends in life, it is like an unbreakable vow–“ till death do us part ”. But memories can change us for the better or for the worst.


          We can recollect the death of a person we love and turn insane or we could seek revenge for it ( if we can ) ; or we could just remember the whole scene and live with it for the rest of our lives : living with pain until our vow is broken. Even better still we could remember the last time we got a spanking for some mischief we did and have a hearty laugh out of it (few years later). Some memories taunt us, they chase us till we spit it out. And for some others, memories return like a jolt of lightning, it keeps them alive or it gives them joy or regret and pain.


AS  for me, I have memories of all kinds. It’s like raindrops. I collect them and they give me definition. And I assure you : they will continue to do so until death do us part

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WORDS have a lot of meaning in them. They are just letters put together and the letters make up a word . The word conveys a meaning that have more impact than actions. Many a times we can get into trouble for the words that come out of our mouth. Speaking is not a crime. Everyone have the right to speak. It is what comes out of our mouth that can land us in trouble. This  could be a test that that we might have to pass. T he test posed here is is “  How much are you willing to sacrifice for some other human being?  This very test that we always fail is what makes us different and unique from others.


AND then there are words that can bring us in life. A lonely soul lost in the bitterness of life would be more happy that the happiest soul in the world , just to hear the the soothing words that come out of another’s mouth.  He/she will be so grateful that given an opportunity to help, his / her  power to make you feel good. You’ll be surprised.


THESE words invented , published written and spoken can make an impact or change in a person’s life, always for the better( in the end). But what impact or change should take place is decided by the person who wishes to speak. Because “ words” can change a person forever, I suggest you pick peers that speak words of love when one most needs it. 

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Lost, found but dead

It was too late

The two lovers were lost

To the world they once loved                                                

They lived such a life – cupid did exist


They were born two worlds apart

Two very distant individuals

But cupid struck his mischief on them

There was no other way, Zeus explained


Roses and lilies and tulips all lined

The wind too played with her hat

The clouds as bright as the gods

He caught it just as the wind died


They both never denied it was then

That they found love & beauty

The blessed moments where intimate

Truly even the gods were jealous


The sun smiling and blessing

The Teasdale and Isabel in their

Joining in union with their souls

Was that their destruction?


Alas but the gods were not to be crossed

The clouds threatened to hold wrath

A beauty and her equal – William

They stayed and fought with vengeance


Neither will breathe without the other

The two lovers were banished.

For the last time the sun shinned,

The roses bloomed, the wind blew


The lovers Isabel and William walked

Hand in hand whispering their love

They turned memories flooding them

love, as they knew had no bounds


For a last time they kissed so full

Of love that would last forever

A covenant they created for others

Like themselves “until death do us part”


Death not meaning physically but

That of hearts beating together

The heavenly light engulfing them

They bid goodbye still holding hands


Too lost for words I watched

Me – the heavenly commissioner

Watched in awe and wonder

I myself seeking atonement


I forgave them for they reminded me

Of my own  lover who was lost.

They smiled and looked me in the eye

“Come unto our covenant, you shall

Find her there still waiting for you”


So I closed my eyes and spake

“ My Queen My Love ”

There she was awaiting my return

Still waiting on that rock…..


My joy knew no bounds

More than ever I now knew

I had achieved atonement

And My lady, My Soulmate

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The class hours

The office hours


U shud reach skl by 8


u can reach your work place by 9

U always get a break after 45 min of distraction ( in the form of teachers ) and then your break time etc.etc…

We don’t exactly get a break, we’re just “jobless” sometimes ( in my case, (im a trainee) most of the time)

You always get to catch up on the latest gossip and the dummest thing ( that preferably some1 did when they were asked out)

The latest gossip is here are the new competitors in business ( who needs a lullaby????)

There are loads of peeps around you

The only peeps around you are your collegues and you BOSS ( he’s a swear word on his own)

You get to bunk classes

How on earth can you bunk your own bread earnings???? ( hum this is not like skl )


Your teachers are always there for you to swear and remind you that you have to swear at them.

The peeps here are always on the move, you don’t get the opportunity or the time to remind yourself that you have to swear at them !!!!!!

The bus is always there to pick you up frm skl and back to the front of your house

You have to go to the ends of earth to catch your bus to work !!!

Aye you have to wear your skl uniform

You can show off your new outfit (to your colleagues in office ) (ha ha … you can see the jealousy in their faces and laugh to yourselves )

You have to write a loooot of tests and exams ( and hide the results from your mum)

No tests or exams or assessments  yay !!!!!!

You can use your slang

No slang allowed ( no swear word either )

There’s always the sisterhood of

Lonely pands there ( you can really scream, shout, swear, laugh, conspire…..)

There are no sisterhood(s) here.  (we’ll b deported for forming such “sisterhoods”)

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I have no voice to speak

Shelter I know not where to seek

I find love soothing

But I have something missing


When I look into the mirror

I see a life not secure

People that bring me sorrow

How I whish I was not alive tomorrow


A child with hate

He ruins his fate


I stand there with no voice to speak

I begg for shelter, none I get from where I seek

A world of love I find soothing

But in my family I am missing


Crumbled I look into the mirror

I see my past and a future not secure

Smiling to people that bring me sorrow

I hope death and destruction shall end tomorrow


I see that child with hate

I hope he don’t realise too late

A part of his life he lost

To the devil he hates the most


A voice too weak to speak   I have!

A shelter nowhere to seek I saw!

A love with hate                 I felt!

A hole in me to fill              I know!

Someone’s watching over me! 

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A love so flawless

A love so flawless

Even Dan Brown would care less

To publish

A book on the things I do

For being so perfect when I see you

What would cupid say?

If he saw u this way?

Your love so flawless

I can’t ask you ask u for nothing more

Will you meet me on the dance floor?

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